Letter from the Bookmaker

The handmade journals I make are not very traditional. They are made from many things and filled with an assortment of different papers and images. A journal about the garden might have snippets of lace flowers and images from old garden catalogs. A collage might contain a bit of grass from the garden or a dried flower. Fabric flips and hidden writing corners. Fancy collaged paperclips with a strip of silk from a sari waving from the top. They elicit some oohs and aahs and sometimes the old images make folks remember a time gone by.

It is all good but, as I said, not very traditional so people often don’t know what to do with one of this books when it is given to them.

I wrote this letter (inspired by one I saw that Jibid Neary had written) and I tuck a copy of it into every journal I make. I think it helps soften the confusion for the person who might receive the book as a gift. At least I hope so.

I offer this freebie to the junk journal book making community as a thank you to all I have learned from all of you, thank you for your continual support on my YouTube videos and my online store, Poppiness, where I offer digital downloads of my eco dyed papers and much more.

2 thoughts on “Letter from the Bookmaker”

  1. just a moment to leave a thank you to you for this great idea to include in the treasures that I make – thank you so much

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