Susan Taylor Brown

Art you want to reach out & touch.
Because connections matter.

I am a maker.

As a fiber artist, visual art is the language I use to share my creativity. Yours might be music or poetry or dance.  Creativity takes many forms.

I believe we are all so much more creative than we think, than we allow ourselves to be. I believe we shouldn’t  worry about rules or sales or critics. I believe that even if it is scary, we should share our work  because it might inspire someone else to be brave.

Create for the sheer joy of creating. Just because.


Every time I create I have to push past the fear that I’m not good enough.

The fear of being judged less than, as a person or an artist, has often kept me from doing my best work. And I know I’m not the only one who struggles with this fear. I don’t have any easy answers for pushing past this but I can tell you that being a part of a supportive community of other creatives who feel the same way can help. I try to offer that support in my Facebook group, via my weekly livestreams, and in the videos I publish on my YouTube channel.

There is a strength and energy that comes from a community of Brave Creatives supporting one another.
We are all stronger & more creative when we shine the light one one another.

I don’t start with a plan. I start with a need to explore and to play. Fibers and colors inform each choice I make. I take my inspiration from nature and then let myself go wild.

I am obsessed with texture and not following any perceived rules about art.
You need rules when you drive a car or perform brain surgery.
NOT when you are making art.

I continually stretch myself as an artist and share my knowledge to encourage and inspire others. Being true to myself and sharing that truth with others is empowering for us all.
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