Bringing Nature to Life

Sometimes experiments grow into something more but because they start as an experiment, it can be hard to know when you reach the finish line. That’s what has happened with this piece. I was experimenting with how to add more height to a piece so I covered some bottle caps with fiberfill and then stitched french knots over them. But it was all just a little “too” perfect.

If I really want to evoke a feeling of being out in nature then I have to think about how nature is going to show that to me. In nature there’s always going to be some variances. There will be leaves that are drying out, leaves that have bug holes in them and they’re going to be other plants growing up through there. You’re going to have a variety of tones and textures. It depends on the way the light’s going to hit it what one’s more in the shade and of course I can add another layer of
tones with my beads when I get to that point.

Using a variety of threads in the same colorway will help. Something to think about as you work on your next nature project. Here’s a link to the video where I worked on this piece if you want to check it out.

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