Stilness is an 8×10 fiber art landscape.

You can watch a short video with detailed closeups here: 

“It’s the little details that bring a piece to life for me and teach me what to do with the next piece. A bed of French knots is nice but what if I add some drizzle stitches? What if there was a mound of bullion knots calling for you to look closer?

Sometimes I find it hard to remember that I haven’t been doing this for very long. I want to be perfect right now. But of course perfect doesn’t exist. Not only that, how can you know what perfect is if you’re creating something absolutely unique that’s never been made before?

You can’t.

So maybe we should just let go of the idea that we’re trying to reach a particular vision and just take joy in each stitch, each piece of fiber, each placement of the little details that tells the story of the moment.”

1 review for Stillness

  1. stb

    Hi Susan l am over the moon with happiness. Your amazing art has arrived ‘downunder’ in Perth, Australia.

    I am thrilled with it, it is opulent, tactile, textural and like a piece of the forest floor has been dug up for me. Every time l look at it l see something different. The beads are like miniature logs. The stone a shiny contrast. Love the way it is undulating, that makes me feel like l am meandering through the landscape. So much work and l feel your heart and soul has gone into it. The way it was packed is also an art.

    I appreciate all you put into it, it is hand embroidery at a higher level, art, sculpture in thread.

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