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You play a vital role in supporting not just our creative community but the artist (me!) behind it all. Gratitude fuels our creative circle, and your support keeps it thriving!

I’ve heard from some incredible people who express the desire to support me, but they have limited funds or prefer not to commit to a monthly payment plan like Patreon. I’ve introduced various options, such as our monthly Zooms and the exciting new Creative Circle Collection. And of course there’s always something for sale in my shop.

However, I understand that Zoom may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and not everyone can afford to purchase my art. If you’ve ever wanted to contribute a little something to sustain our community, now you can with a one-time support gesture.  

When you contribute, it’s more than just supporting the circle; you’re backing me on my creative journey. Your generosity lets me continue to dedicate time and passion to our shared creative pursuits. It keeps the website running, the livestreams happening, and the tech gears turning, allowing me to continue doing what I love, and then share it all with you.

Your support means the world—thank you for being a crucial part of my creative ride. Together, you and others like you are the heart and soul of our creative journey!

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