A Wildscape is an invitation to pause, reflect,

and find a moment of calm in the beauty of the untamed outdoors.  

Bring Nature Home

In our increasingly digital world, it’s easy to feel disconnected and harder to find peace in our constant surroundings. And how can we expect to keep balance anywhere in our lives if we’re not being mindful of the environments we create? 

Maybe you need a Wildscape.

Each handcrafted fiber landscape is a tactile experience, urging you to physically connect with textures that mirror the diversity and richness of nature. They offer a tangible way to reconnect with the natural world and restore the balance we crave.

Studies have shown that engaging with art that depicts nature may significantly lower stress and anxiety levels, promoting a sense of calm and relaxation. Immersing yourself in scenes from nature, even through art, may even enhance cognitive functions and concentration. Wildscapes offer a simple yet powerful way to harness these benefits, and help turn our living spaces into sanctuaries of well-being.

What if a piece of art could connect us to the energy of the earth?

Everything is Connected

My Wildscapes grow from a deep-rooted connection to the world just beyond my studio door. 

Years ago we moved from the noisy, crowded city with dreams of building a native garden for wildlife at our new home in the country. We bought a big plot of dead dirt with three ancient oak trees and nothing else, not even a single worm. 

Over time, and with layer upon layer of wood chips, compost, and many native plants, we brought the tired ground back to life. Digging in the dirt connected me to a vast network that I could not see, but only feel. 

I began to understand that nature could heal itself.  Now, instead of a barren backyard, we have an oasis for wildlife with continual visitors. And the worms have become permanent residents.

The transformation in the garden didn’t just breathe new life into the earth—it also sparked my own creativity. It’s this journey of renewal and endurance and growth that I attempt to capture in every Wildscape.

Reconnecting with nature

offers us all a reminder to cherish and protect

the beauty of the natural world around us.

From Soil to Stitch

Now, the garden thrives with a life of its own, yet the urge to connect with something green, and watch it grow, still called to me. And so I turned to needle and thread and nearly forgotten embroidery stitches from childhood.

I begin each piece with just a blank canvas of fabric, some wool, and a rough idea that’s more of a feeling than plan. No reference photos. No sketchbooks. I discovered that I needed to feel the fibers the way I needed to feel the dirt— each stitch reminds me of the microherds beneath the ground, the unseen workers that enrich the soil, making growth possible.

This act of creation mirrors the garden’s cycle of life and is a continuation of my conversation with the natural world.

Nature’s Palette

I choose shades of green that mimic what I see outside my window— deep greens from the oak trees, lighter greens from the manzanita, and pale greens from the lichen that hang off the redwoods. 

I start with French knots, heap them up to and over one another again and again until they begin to resemble piles of moss. Creating each cluster of knots that eventually becomes a hill or valley reminds me of the roots, both seen and unseen, that connect us all.

I separate strands of hemp to mimic the grasses the rabbits love to munch and add real rocks, miniature versions of the ones that fill our creekbed. Tiny branches from my dogwood trees become the logs that tumble down the knotty hill. 

The Journey

Each Wildscape evolves organically, guided mostly by a blend of intuition, experiments, and patience. With layers of fiber and stitch, I coax life from the empty fabric, inviting each thread to connect and bloom. 

I use primarily hand-dyed wool and cotton or linen fabric. My go-to stitch is always the French knot as it allows me the most flexibility for sculpting the Wildscape. Other favorites added in when appropriate are Bullion stitch, Drizzle stitch, and Cast On stitch.

What if the simple act of reaching out and touching a piece of art could ground you and help you be more in the moment?

Nurture Your Well-Being

In a world that moves too fast, find solace in the stillness of nature.

Wildscapes serve as a visual meditation, a focal point to help center your thoughts and a gentle reminder to breathe, grounding you in the comforting embrace of nature’s healing power.

Go Wild!

When someone feels pulled into my work and tells me they want to shrink down and run barefoot through my Wildscape, it tells me I’ve done something right there’s a connection—a thread woven between us.

I stitch a piece of my heart into every Wildscape.

Wildscapes are a bridge from my world and my heart to you,

a reminder of the invisible threads that connect us all

to the natural world and to each other.

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