Work with Me

Do you feel a bit stuck with your creative practice? Are you looking for ways to be braver with sharing and selling your work? Would you like to talk about your current issues, get a fresh view, and then brainstorm some alternate approaches?

Maybe you just want to have a private craft and chat.  I am also happy to coordinate a group craft & chat with you and your friends.

These  sessions give you a chance to talk about your creative practice in a relaxed and supportive environment with the focus solely on you! We meet on Zoom for one hour and you will receive a recorded copy of our conversation.

Please contact me before booking to discuss your requirements or ask questions about how it works.

(Note that I am in the United States, in California, and on Pacific Time.)

Cost is $87 for 1 one hour session.

"When you talked about being afraid and feared rejection, you hit the nail on the head. I totally understood what you were talking about. Now I am thinking if Susan Taylor Brown can do it so can I!"

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