My Favorite Things

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These are Altoids tin sized containers but clear plastic. So great for tiny things.
Small Plastic Box with Hinged Lid (set of 12)

This is the set of small square stacking 3 drawers. Love these!

I keep all my beads and charms in these.

These are the small circle containers I have my seed beads in. I put them in the larger plastic case and it works great.
Darice Clear Bead container

Acrylic Drawers

These are my absolutely favorite – the stacking pieces in all sorts of sizes.
STORi Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers

FabriTac one  of my two go-to glues. Great for gluing fabric to paper.

Art Glitter Glue my other go-to glue. Glue paper to paper with no warping.

Fiskars Precision Bypass cutter. I was hesitant to spend the money on this cutter but I am so glad I did.
Hexagon Graph Paper great for bee journals

Clear bins

Clear stacking bins
Tag punch for 3 sizes

Silicon Brushes

Golden Matte Medium
Not the cheapest but my favorite
Wax Seal Stamp

More wax seals

Dorlands Wax Medium is great for finishing a page and protecting it.
Gel Press Printing Plate
Jacquard Textile Color Fabric


Layered Textiles

Slow Stitching

Natural Processes in Textile Art
Storytelling with Collage

Art and Fear

Sketchbook Explorations

Stitched Textiles: Nature

Creativity in Nature

Wild Color

The Art of the Fold

Making Handmade Books

Complex Cloth

How I Film

Overhead phone holder

Yeti Microphone

Goosneck phone holder
Basic Clamp Lamp
LED light panel
LEns kit for phone
Selfie stick with tripod
Tabletop selfie ring
LED ring light
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