There's Always a Thread to Connect Us

I was terrified when I first started to do my livestreams on YouTube but thanks to the wonderful support I have received over the years my weekly livestreams have become the highlight of my week.

It still blows my mind that people from all over the world come to hang out with me. Sometimes it’s a therapy session. Sometimes a festival of laughter. It is always a supportive time.

After a few years of doing the lives some folks asked for a place to gather outside of lives and that’s when the Creative Circle Facebook group was formed. From there we went on to start monthly Zoom meetings (paid) where we could get to know each other a little better in a safe and private environment.

All this to say there are many ways to connect with fellow creatives. Here’s how.

Wednesday Livestreams at 12pm PDT here in California on my YouTube Channel.

Facebook group

Monthly Zoom

Listing in the Creative Circle Collection

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