Courage to Create

For many years the sound bite I used to describe my creative life was that I was in constant motion, always searching, always trying to figure out the secret that would give me the courage to create.

I hesitated to claim certain book publications because they were published by small presses or in foreign countries. I worried about calling myself a poet even after I published a verse novel and won poetry awards. I resisted calling myself a photographer despite the fact that people bought my work. I couldn’t imagine calling myself an artist even though I had once had my work in an art gallery and people were commissioning me to create art for them.

I told people, I told myself, I was trying, always trying, to find the courage to create. But I lied.

I was creating all the time. What I needed to find was the courage to claim my creative identity.
I AM an artist. I found my courage to create.

I am claiming my creative self and I hope you are too! And if you feel like you are still searching for your courage to create, let’s chat. Maybe I can shine a light for you to find your path.

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