Facebook Group

I wanted a safe place for creatives to gather so we could share our projects, connect with folks with similar interests, ask questions, support, and most of all, inspire one another on our various artistic journeys.

I want to encourage all of us to be creatively courageous.
Because we are all so much more creative than we believe. Truly.

I go live every Wednesday at noon Pacific time here in California and while I craft on camera we have a lot of terrific and inspiring discussions about being creative, overcoming fears, mastering techniques, and so much more. The Facebook group is an outgrowth of that weekly LiveStream.

Subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can join in the conversations.

It's always such an uplifting, educational, and often spiritual experience and I so appreciate and value everyone for their input, sharing, and conversation. I always learn so much during these lives and the positivity I take away reinvigorates me to keep me creating. That's invaluable!

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