Sharing Secrets with the Sun


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Sharing Secrets with the Sun is 8″ in diameter and absolutely explodes with texture. Bullion knots, French knots, drizzle stitch and assorted fibers bring this abstract embroidery to life.

“This was supposed to be a small piece. An experiment to use up a lot of my orange fibers and beads but art, as we know, has a mind of its own and the journey it takes us on can be a bit like a wild carnival ride. This is what art is. It’s an experiment. It changes with every stitch every day and I need to learn to sit in that uncomfortable feeling that I don’t know where I’m going but I’ll know for sure when I arrive.

There’s always going to be a struggle in creating. If you’re lucky, the drive to create will overcome or at least balance out the frustration that comes with the struggles. I think that’s what happened to me with this one.

It’s hard to say that, isn’t it, that we’re happy with the work that we’ve done? It’s perhaps easier to say, Oh it’s all right or point out any perceived errors in our head.

But I’m going to say it. I’m more than happy with this piece. I’m proud of it because it makes me smile and I feel connected to the joy that came with the creating of it and that’s really all I ever ask of my art, for me to feel the joy in creating it and someone else to someday feel the joy when they hold it in their hands.”



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