Into the Wilds


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Into the Wilds is 11″ in diameter.

For a time I was calling this Reclaim the Hills because it began with hills of French knots and some experiments with new to me stitches. As I began to fill it in with various fibers and stitch I felt like Mother Earth was reclaiming a bit of her forest.

“Into the Wilds was an experiment in learning to let go and truly be a wild artist. I started with clusters of French knots, ideas constrained, but then it became an explosion, no, a celebration of textures that one might encounter when they’re taking a walk in the woods and listening to nature whispering all around them.

Perhaps a gem under a leaf or a bird singing in the trees or wait, is that a fairy running away before you catch up to her?

There are so many gifts for all of us if we take a moment to be still, to be one with nature. Even just five minutes breathing in the fresh air, letting your senses come alive, can absolutely change you.”

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