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What if art was not just viewed, but felt?

Introducing  “Explore the Quiet,” a lovely addition to my Wildscapes collection. With a diameter of just 4 inches this nature inspired embroidery art has been thoughtfully hand-stitched. It is showcased in a brown toned faux wood frame with a hanger. Like all pieces in the Wildscapes series, “Explore the Quiet” offers a moment of peace, inviting you to explore the raw, untouched beauty of nature. Discover the serenity of Wildscapes.  Add one to your collection today and bring the essence of the outdoors into your home.

Product Features:

Size: 4″ in diameter
Materials: Hand-dyed wool, cotton or linen fabric, wool or jute fibers
Frame: Faux wood with hanger
Favorite stitches: French knot, Bullion, Drizzle, Cast On

Please Note:

**All Wildscapes are created in a smoke-free, dog-friendly home.**
***I strive to accurately represent my artwork. However, colors may vary slightly on different monitors. Please consider this when making your purchase.***

Wildscapes are a bridge from my world and my heart to you, a reminder of the invisible threads that connect us all to the natural world and to each other.

Each handcrafted fiber landscape is a tactile experience, urging you to physically connect with textures that mirror the diversity and richness of nature. They offer a tangible way to reconnect with the natural world and restore the balance we crave. Crafted with a deep passion for texture and the wilds right outside my door, each Wildscape evolves organically, combining intuition, experimentation, and patience. I most often begin with hand-dyed wool and I coax each Wildscape to life from a blank canvas of cotton or linen fabric, primarily using the versatile French knot stitch for detailed sculpting. Other techniques include Bullion, Drizzle, and Cast On stitches to  enrich the texture and depth.

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My Art Journey and Process:

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